Australia in-house legal market report and salary guide 2022-2023

Competition to attract and retain legal talent in-house in Australia reached new levels in 2022. Recruiting and retaining top talent was, and continues to be, the strongest indicator of a company’s culture, benefits, and success.

Companies aiming to attract talent faced immense competition and a dramatic shift in junior to mid-level salaries fuelled by the war for talent within the law firm sector and a high demand for junior Australian lawyers from overseas jurisdictions.

Hayden Gordine, Head of Taylor Root Australia commented that it was not just compensation that motivated candidates. The work-from-home flexibility instituted during the covid pandemic brought a desire for candidates to work remotely in current and new roles.

Whether you are a General Counsel or a junior legal counsel, we hope that you find the information contained in our salary and market report useful.

The information contained in our salary guide and market report relates to the salaries and benefits of thousands of in-house lawyers across Australia and the data is collected from offers we have secured for candidates.

Areas covered in this year’s report include:

• Overview of the Australian in-house legal market
• Key trends into compensation, bonuses and market trends in the in-house legal sector
• Australian in-house lawyers’ salaries – Legal Counsel, Senior Legal Counsel, General Counsel, Head of Legal

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