Diversity, equity and inclusion

Authentic diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) recruitment practices start from within. 

We are on a journey of constant learning and education to ensure we improve our practices for a better, more progressive future. 

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Our approach

Our DEI strategy is focused on internal training, policy and experience. We believe that by improving our own DEI practices, we can better serve the needs of everyone we work with. 

By educating ourselves, understanding privilege and unconscious bias and appreciating different life experiences, we can understand the people we work with beyond their profiles. 

As a recruitment company, we are aware of the vital role we can play in creating a more diverse, inclusive and progressive future. The actions we take can have a big impact on the outcomes for professionals and businesses alike. 


We run events and initiatives celebrating causes including International Women’s Day and Neurodiversity Week


We are members of the Mindful Business Charter to promote better mental health and wellbeing in the workplace


We work with companies like Resurgo in the UK to support social mobility through employment

Putting DEI at the forefront of our business 

DEI now sits at the heart of everything we do in our business. 

From our internal training and hiring strategies, to all of our processes and practices, we are now engaged in a journey of constant learning. 

As a result, DEI underpins everything we do both internally and for our candidates and clients. 

We are becoming a more diverse and inclusive business – but our journey has only just begun. 

The actions we take 

To ensure we are always moving forwards with our DEI practices and consistently offering the right advice to our clients, we are engaged in a number of activities and partnerships:

Essential training

We provide mandatory DEI global training to all employees, aiming to empower our employees with a deeper understanding of the factors that influence their decision-making

Sustainable network

We have signed up to the Mindful Business Charter, a framework to promote better mental health and wellbeing in the workplace

Purposeful volunteering

We offer inclusive volunteering for our employees to connect them with social hardships in local areas – and partner with the likes of Benefacto to do this across the business

Global partnerships

We partner with companies like Resurgo and Project Search to support social mobility through employment 

Progressive pioneers

We have revamped our internal hiring strategy by recognising that ‘company fit’ has a habit of attracting recruiters who look for very similar candidates. We are committed to increasing diversity through tactics focusing on competence and potential, rather than backgrounds 

Dedicated to diversity

We have a dedicated DEI committee that meets monthly to ensure we are meeting various pledges and to report to the board on DEI progress

Impactful initiatives

We have historically run DEI initiatives and events celebrating International Women’s Day, PRIDE, Neurodiversity Week and more, attended by global audiences 

More to come

These partnerships and initiatives are significant in their own right, but they are just the beginning. 

We are actively looking for ways to drive our DEI strategy and learnings forward and will be building more partnerships in the near future. 

We are committed to DEI – so this is a process that will never stop.

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