The growing market for junior in-house lawyers

September 2, 2022

For our most recent webinar we were joined by three fantastic panellist: Kunaal Wharfe | Deputy General Counsel | Dentsu International,  Sam Lester | Legal Director (EMEA) | TD Securities and Victoria Davies | Legal Director | Twitter UK. Hosted by Takis Anatolitis and Georgie Miller from Taylor Root, the team discussed how best to build and develop a career as an in-house lawyer and highlighted the wealth of opportunity for junior in-house lawyers in today’s market.

The session covered the main differences between working within a law firm and an  in-house legal team, why our panellists decided to make the move, and what aspects of being in-house give them the most fulfilment. We also tackled the interview process, with Georgie sharing what you can expect when applying for an in-house role, differences in salary, what type of company should you look for at thea junior level and what you can expect when starting out your career. 

We also asked all our attendees to participate in a poll asking when they thought is the optimum time to move In-house. 

The majority of respondents agreed that 2 – 3 PQE is the right amount of time and experience, and although our panellists agreed having this level of experience will have set you up well to make the move, the general consensus is added that there is no particular formula to follow to determine when the exact right time is.  

We ended by asking our panel of experts for their best piece of advice or a top tip to share about building a legal career in-house. 

Kunaal James Wharfe

“Ask questions, ask lots and lots of questions, there’s nothing stupid, there’s no silly questions that you can ask”. 

Sam Lester

“If you’ve got a hunch that it might be something you’re interested in then just go for it, it might be the best decision you’ve ever made”. 

Victoria Davies

“Go and talk to the business, that’s everybody, not just legal, not just the teams you work with, literally go and talk to every part of that business and try and understand every part of that business”. 

Watch the full webinar below:

If you would like further information on working within the banking and financial services markets, please contact Takis  

If you would like further information on with corporate and commercial businesses, please contact Georgie.  

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