In-house Legal

Unser Team für In-house Legal Recruitment wird als Marktführer angesehen und verfügt über einen ausgezeichneten Track-Record. Wir führen erstklassige Talente mit den Unternehmen zusammen, die ihrer Persönlichkeit, ihren Kompetenzen und ihren Karrierevorstellungen entsprechen.

In-house Legal Recruitment

Aufbau von In-house Rechtsabteilungen seit 1989 

Von Tech Start-Ups, FinTech Unternehmen und Scale-Ups bis hin zu FTSE- und Fortune 500 Unternehmen – wir haben in den vergangenen drei Jahrzehnten mit weltweit führenden Organisationen zusammengearbeitet und diese im Aufbau ihrer In-house Legal Teams begleitet.

Unsere nachhaltigen Partnerschaften mit Kandidat*innen und Unternehmen machen uns weltweit zu einem Marktführer im Bereich In-house Legal Recruitment. Ganz gleich, ob Unternehmen ihre ersten Jurist*innen einstellen oder international expandieren möchten – wir sind eine vertrauenswürdige Personalberatung mit einer exzellenten Reputation.


Wenn Sie mit uns arbeiten, profitieren Sie von:

Einer globalen Reichweite

Mit unseren 13 Standorten auf der ganzen Welt konnten wir bereits in mehr als 55 globalen Standorten Projekte erfolgreich abschließen. Mithilfe unseres globalen Netzwerks können wir Sie jederzeit bei der Suche nach Talenten unterstützen 

Einem exzellenten Track-Record

Wir sind ein Recruitment-Partner, auf den Sie sich verlassen können

Einer ausgezeichneten Reputation

Wir haben an zahlreichen globalen Standorten die ersten juristischen Personalberatungen gegründet. Wir bieten Ihnen lokale Marktkenntnisse im globalen Zusammenhang

Tiefgreifender Marktexpertise

Wir sind eine spezialisierte Personalberatung für den Bereich Legal. Wir sprechen Ihre Sprache und verstehen Ihre Märkte

Maßgeschneiderten Leistungen

Wir passen unsere Leistungen an Ihre Anforderungen und Ziele an. In der Regel umfassen diese Direktvermittlungen, Temporary Recruitment sowie Interims- und Beratungslösungen.

Rollen, für die wir typischerweise rekrutieren:

Global General Counsel  
Regional General Counsel  
General Counsel
Legal Director 
Head of Legal   

Interim General Counsel
Interim Head of Legal  
Senior Legal Counsel  
Legal Counsel 
Interim Legal Counsel  

Commercial lawyer  
Corporate counsel  
Contract manager  
Legal operations

Treffen Sie das Team

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Global in-house market report  2022

Herzlich willkommen zum Global in-house market report  2022 von Taylor Root. In einem erneut außergewöhnlichen Jahr hatten wir das Gefühl, dass es wichtiger ist als jemals zuvor, dass unser jährlicher Bericht zum In-house Markt nicht nur auf Informationen von unseren globalen Berater*innen, sondern auch auf Input von Ihnen, unserer globalen In-house-Gemeinschaft, beruhte.

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Q1: What are the in-house legal recruitment market trends?

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What is happening in the legal recruitment market across corporate and commercial and banking and financial services sectors? Corporate and commercial While economic uncertainty and geopolitical tensions continue to impact businesses the outlook for the UK Legal In-House Market in 2024 is more positive for commerce and industry than the news would suggest.We have seen […]
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Additional selection criteria when hiring In-house Counsel

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Hiring In-house Counsel is a critical decision for any organisation, and it’s important to carefully consider various factors to ensure you choose the right candidate. Whilst legal expertise, work experience, and great references are essential, additional thought should be given to the following selection criteria throughout the interview process. Cultural Fit: Once you have a […]
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Taylor Root UK Trustee network: An interview with Jemilla Olufeko

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As part of our interview series for our Trustee Network, Taylor Root Partner, Georgia Morgan-Wynne recently spoke to Jemilla Olufeko, Global Legal Counsel at WPP about being a Trustee for Sydenham Arts. What does your organisation do? My organisation is a charity called Sydenham Arts. Based in South East London, our mission is „to provide, promote, and advance […]
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Taylor Root Singapore’s General Counsel breakfast recap – life sciences and medical technology

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Taylor Root had the pleasure of hosting a General Counsel breakfast, bringing together senior lawyers from the life sciences and medical technology sector. The gathering was a unique opportunity for industry peers to connect, share insights, and delve into the nuanced legal landscape shaping the Asia-Pacific region. The morning started off with lighthearted catchups between […]
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Moving in-house: career advice for junior lawyers

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In recent years, there has been a noticeable surge in the demand for in-house junior lawyers. At the same time, we have seen an upswing in the enthusiasm of junior lawyers aiming for careers in-house. However, despite these trends, apprehensions remain within the legal industry around the possibility of being deemed ‘too junior’ to move […]
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Taylor Root UK Trustee Network: An interview with Howard Trust, Schroders

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As part of our interview series for our Trustee Network, Taylor Root Partner, Sarah Ingwersen recently spoke to Howard Trust, General Counsel, Advisory at Schroders to find out his interest behind being a Trustee. Why are you interested in being a Trustee? I believe that my experience in working with boards and other fiduciary bodies and their […]
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Taylor Root UK Trustee Network: An interview with Aurea Garrido, Warner Bros Discovery

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As part of our interview series for our Trustee Network, Taylor Root Partner, Sarah Ingwersen recently spoke to Aurea Garrido about her time as a Trustee for Theatre Peckham. Aurea is VP Associate General Counsel, Warner Bros Discovery, News and Sports division. What does your Trustee organisation do? Theatre Peckham is a learning theatre that champions […]
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Recruiting General Counsel: The essential interview questions

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When looking for a general counsel, most businesses are looking for someone with two main attributes: in-depth legal expertise and sound judgment. The third attribute, however, that many teams highly prize is business acumen. Company leaders believe a general counsel with these three attributes will be successful in the position and will be a valued […]
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The essential interview questions for Associate Lawyers moving in-house

  • Posted September 15, 2023
Organisations are becoming increasingly sophisticated in understanding the benefits of recruiting in-house legal staff and managing their legal costs more effectively. This is evidenced by the steady growth in the number of in-house lawyers. Transitioning from a law firm to an in-house legal department as an Associate Lawyer can be an exciting and challenging career […]
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Taylor Root UK Trustee Network: An interview with Andin Fonyonga, The Kids Network

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As part of our interview series for our Trustee Network, Taylor Root Partner, Georgia Morgan-Wynne recently spoke to Andin Fonyonga about her time as a Trustee for The Kids Network. Andin is Group Head of Legal & Compliance at Global Fashion Group. What does your trustee organisation do? The Kids Network was founded in 2016 […]
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The GC as Trustee: How can both General Counsel and a not-for-profit benefit?

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Watch the webinar in full below As part of our Trustee Network series of events, Taylor Root has partnered with Indigo Volunteers to explore the value General Counsel bring to the charity trustee role. The role of the trustee can be hugely rewarding and provides opportunities to add value to a charity through the sharing […]
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Client interview: How to foster diversity of thought in your legal team and boardroom

  • Posted Juni 15, 2023
Taylor Root’s Director, Asha Morzaria recently spoke with Nadia Hoosen, serving as a member of the Executive Committee as Chief Legal Officer and Group Company Secretary at OneWeb. Nadia provides an incredibly candid and thought-provoking interview about her background, career journey and how this has influenced her leadership style.  It’s an inspiring one with many take […]
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How General Counsel can impact ESG

  • Posted Juni 6, 2023
In recent years ESG has become integral to most businesses strategies. As a result, more and more General Counsel are finding the need to understand this area in order to properly support their companies. Taylor Root Partner, Sarah Ingwersen, recently caught up with Herbert Smith Freehills Partner, Rebecca Perlman to learn more about how General […]
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How to hire your first in-house lawyer

  • Posted Mai 31, 2023
Why hire your first in-house lawyer? There are numerous reasons a company decides to recruit their first in-house lawyer. Traditionally the key driver was to reduce reliance on external law firms and the associated costs of briefing work out. However, the intangible aspects of bringing legal work in-house as well as heightened corporate governance and […]

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