Take your legal career to London

oktober 11, 2022

We recently held our ‘Take your legal career to London’ webinar, hosted by Priya Shah and Hela Boussif, who were joined by Holly O’Connell, Legal Advisor at FirstGroup Plc and David Harrigan, Interim Deputy General Counsel. The session discussed the current in-house interim, legal job market and career development opportunities and explored the logistics around making an international career move.

Many of our clients are actively looking to hire lawyers coming from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, and our session looked to highlight the positives of making an international career move and showcase the advantages of working in the interim market when you land in the UK.

Some of the key questions our panellists answered were around why the interim market appealed to them when coming to the UK, and the advantages around taking contract roles and how it has shaped their career to date.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank both Holly and David for sharing their thoughts and insights

You can watch the full webinar here:

If you require any additional insight into the UK in-house legal interim market and opportunities, please contact Priya or Hela.