Whilst the Compliance market in continental Europe is growing slowly but steady, it is still way behind the UK. The market for compliance experts in the UK is buoyant and professionals are sought after in all different kind of industries sectors, this is still very much in an early stage of development in continental Europe. Compliance professionals are sought after mainly in financial services and banks, sporadically there are opportunities in other sectors, mainly in the pharma and energy industry.

Switzerland remains the most international market for compliance professionals from all over Europe, whereas in all other countries, companies are mainly looking for local qualified compliance experts, e.g. in Germany companies will typically look for German speaking and German qualified candidates, in France you have to be French speaking, etc. This is not only due to the different languages but also the very different educational systems for compliance officers in the different European countries. This is not necessarily the case in Switzerland, where many headquarters are located and therefore business is carried out mainly in English. Salaries vary greatly all over Europe with Switzerland being at the very high end, also compared to the UK. A Chief Compliance Officer salary is comparable to a General Counsel or Head of Legal level.

For all positions based in Switzerland, Taylor Root works exclusively with Accurity who are our Swiss based and licensed partner. All selected applications will be forwarded by Taylor Root to Accurity for processing according to Swiss law.