Why should companies work with a specialist legal recruiter

June 18, 2024

Recruiting legal professionals can be a major challenge for many companies. It is often difficult for internal HR managers to understand the specific characteristics of the specialism or the intricacies of the regional legal market. This can be particularly the case if no legal professionals have previously been recruited for the organisation. For example, hiring a General Counsel is very different from a paralegal.

Many companies choose to work with large recruitment agencies across all disciplines, especially when recruiting senior level executives. Of course, these often have large networks or a good reputation as well as solid procedures for selecting and interviewing potential candidates. However, a specialist recruitment agency can bring deeper industry knowledge and market insight and therefore a different perspective to the search for legal talent, whether this be for a law firm or an in-house legal team.

And here’s why:


The best recruitment consultants will only introduce candidates who genuinely fit the positions you are looking for. A specialist legal recruitment agency knows exactly what a good lawyer looks like. They understand the intricacies of legal roles, what is important for each practice area and in-depth knowledge of the legal sector as a whole.


Legal recruitment consultants are usually able to present you with suitable candidates who meet your criteria within a short time frame. Specialist legal recruiters are active in their market every day and are constantly identifying new talent. They know exactly where potential candidates are located and already have good relationships with many legal professionals who may be suitable for your organisation and maybe looking for a new role.

Candidate liaison

Specialised recruitment consultants can provide you with valuable and unbiased feedback throughout the process. They take the time to assess the candidate’s motivation for a career move and what their career aspirations are. And can therefore transparently tell you their expectations, such as salary or likelihood of accepting an offer for a new role.

Process management

Professional recruitment consultants take care of the entire recruitment process for you, from advertising and candidate management to interview organisation, offer negotiations and onboarding preparations. This saves you valuable time and allows you to concentrate fully on hiring the right talent for your team.

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