Driving positive change through the Taylor Root UK Trustee Network 

Februar 1, 2023

At Taylor Root, we work hard to constantly create positive change and growth for our clients, candidates and of course the legal industry as a whole. 

As the world focuses more on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and environmental, governance and social (ESG), more non-profit businesses and charities are recruiting voluntary Trustees who want to help advance the purpose of those charities with their expertise. 

That’s why we are excited to launch the Taylor Root Trustee Network: a community that connects non-profit businesses with Trustees across the UK.  

What is the Taylor Root UK Trustee Network? 

The Taylor Root UK Trustee Network is a pro-bono initiative we created to help our networks and communities. We are in a privileged position of speaking to legal professionals who want to develop themselves personally and professionally, so we knew the appetite to become a Trustee was high.  

The UK has a thriving third sector/non-profit division, so the need for legal professionals to join organisations in a Trustee capacity was even higher… Born out of this was the Taylor Root UK Trustee Network. We connect likeminded legal professionals who want to become Trustees with organisations looking to hire people-focused individuals to their business. 

What does a Trustee do?  

A role of a Trustee can vary for the organisations need but it’s a voluntary role where you will support the leadership team and aid on key or critical queries as they arise. These may be people or culture-orientated from strategic initiatives through to operational queries such as a complex employee relation issue.  

Why do businesses need Trustees? 

Third-sector businesses such as charities and non-profits rely a lot on expertise that they otherwise have no access to at times. With tight budgets and restrictive resources, the support and advice from a Trustee can be influential to the business’s success. 

Why have you launched the network? 

Two reasons fundamentally: to give back to the community is crucial from our perspective at Taylor Root and also aligns with our commitments behind ESG.  

Additionally, we know the importance of professional and personal development for our network and so being able to connect, help and support that journey seemed the right thing to do!   

Who will it help and how? 

The network enables Trustees to support three communities.  

Firstly the business, allowing them to tap into your experience and advice as a Trustee to help them navigate their journey. Secondly, the end recipient that the charity helps, whether that is individuals, a specific cause, welfare and so on. A non-profit’s success benefits who they service. 

Lastly, yourself. You will help yourself within your own personal development and professional. You’ll increase your awareness and creative thinking on how to support a non-profit business (often with limited budgets and resources) – especially if you come from a thriving commercial environment. You’ll also gain the sense of fulfilment that you are contributing to your community and the rewards in return are immeasurable! 

How can candidates and clients get involved? 

If you are interested in a Trustee role or are looking to hire a Trustee position, please email either Sarah Ingwersen, Nikki Newton or Georgia Morgan-Wynne.

We want to reiterate that this is not a paid service and will be a referral programme, so please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

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