Taylor Root has been placing Partners in the legal market in Australia and abroad for many years. Our relationships with CEOs, Managing Partners, Regional Managing Partners, HR Directors and Heads of Departments are second to none.

We are aware of what it takes to move your practice to the right firm in the current environment. When it comes time to assess your options and explore opportunities, Taylor Root can assist you.

At present, we are seeing huge levels of demand for high performing Partners in a range of practice areas, in a number of cities. Global, major national and boutique law firms are all highly motivated to attract the right candidates to join their practices. We always have a range of firms looking for Partners to join them.

Given how important a step this is, it’s essential to minimise the risk factors associated with moving and get it right, the first time. In some ways, what we can provide is due diligence to Partners making one of the biggest decisions of their career, to give peace of mind when it comes time to decide what to do.

Whether moving as an individual or as a team, you need to be skilled at accurately representing what you bring to the table. Drafting an effective CV and the all-important Business Plan, not to mention interview preparation (easily overlooked by experienced Partners) are part and parcel of the services we provide.

Given the highs and lows of law firm profitability and the varying methods of entry to Equity Partnership, selecting the right firm to be in Partnership with is a big decision. Sometimes progression to Partnership happens, but for the best outcome, it is better if it happens by your design.

If you would like to ascertain your value in the market, please contact us for a realistic appraisal of your options. Sometimes it will make sense to stay put. However, it can often be in your best interests to take advantage of your skillset and change firms.