Global private practice market report 2021

2020 was a year without precedent – we could never have imagined the challenges and the disruption that arose as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The way that law firms and lawyers across the world have risen to these challenges evidences the resilience and the adaptability of the people in the legal profession. The commentary in this report has been prepared, not only by contributions from our global team of consultants but also with invaluable feedback from you – thank you.

We hope you find the report relevant, insightful and useful, and of course, if you ever want to have a confidential discussion with one of our specialist consultants about your career, your team, or your hiring plans, please do look for your most relevant contact’s details at the end of this report.

Here is an extract of the Italy Market update contained in the report:

2020 took off well, firms were busy and still benefiting from a positive trend that had started in 2019 which had seen a marked revival in M&A deals.

In fact, this good start to the year enabled firms to remain busy even after the lockdown was in force and only in some areas workload slowed down in April – May.

Most law firms transitioned smoothly into smart working without slowing down their everyday work patterns. This was possible thanks to the fact that most of them already had the technology in place to allow remote working and video calls. Only a few firms did not encourage smart working during the lockdown.

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