Taylor Root Singapore’s General Counsel breakfast recap – life sciences and medical technology

Author Melvin Ling
November 29, 2023

Taylor Root had the pleasure of hosting a General Counsel breakfast, bringing together senior lawyers from the life sciences and medical technology sector. The gathering was a unique opportunity for industry peers to connect, share insights, and delve into the nuanced legal landscape shaping the Asia-Pacific region. The morning started off with lighthearted catchups between new and old industry friends, followed by an informative discussion around topics, trends and challenges they could all relate to.

Increasing business cost pressures have impacted hiring budgets and resource allocation, prompting General Counsel to adopt creative hiring solutions. This includes setting up Centers of Excellence (COEs) in strategic markets to consolidate resources, so the region receives timely and high-quality legal support.

We had the privilege of hearing from General Counsel with direct experience, in regards to the benefits and challenges of managing such team structures and the key markets to identify high caliber legal talent.

Predictably, technological advancement in the field of pharmaceuticals and medical devices was a topic of interest amongst our guests. Discussions revolved around the integration and use of new technologies including AI and machine learning, the benefits that patients can reap and the consequent challenges – including data privacy, ensuring data accuracy and security on sensitive patient information.

In view of hosting future events relevant to the industry, we found that General Counsel expressed a keen appreciation for law firms that offer a regional perspective. This was emphasised in areas like employment, data privacy, and IP, where legal and regulatory demands can vary widely across jurisdictions. The ability of legal partners to provide tailored insights for the APAC context was underscored as a valuable asset.

A heartfelt thank you to all the participants who contributed to the enriching discussions. If you are keen to engage deeper into discussions about the current legal market, have specific hiring needs, or wish to participate in future networking events – perhaps even as a speaker – we invite you to reach out to Theresa Pang or myself.

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