General Counsel in sports, leisure and gaming roundtable: building sustainable legal teams

Author Georgia Morgan-Wynne
January 12, 2024

Trying to manage expectations and build a high performing legal team isn’t easy. The key to success involves blending strategic vision with human-centered approaches for hiring, retention and succession planning. We discussed all of these topics with 20 legal leaders at our inaugural General Counsel in sports, leisure and gaming roundtable.


  • Whilst there are different approaches to recruitment processes running both a thorough and engaging interview process is key as it’s two-way
  • Debates aside on whether or not to use technical assessments, it is not just about the assessment result but about understanding the approach and thought process to assess whether you could train the rest
  • Remove bias from interview processes by utilising scorecard systems, blind CVs or a skills-based approach and rethink the criteria you screen for


  • Lead with empathy; by understanding the unique perspectives of your team members, you can create an inclusive environment for them to thrive
  • Invest in your team’s development; provide opportunities and get creative with their career progression
  • Align your team to the strategic direction of the business to elevate your legal function

Succession planning

  • Tough decisions as a leader are unavoidable and whilst you might not get every hiring decision right you can learn from setbacks
  • Churn isn’t always a bad thing and succession planning is part of your responsibility as a General Counsel
  • Be strategic with your succession planning and think ahead so you can avoid having huge gaps that impact team performance

Ultimately, it’s not just about assembling a legal team; it’s about nurturing a culture of collaboration and growth. Recognise that your role as General Counsel includes developing the next generation of legal talent and leaving them better lawyers than they were when they joined you.

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