Since 1989 our in-house division has been helping businesses evolve their internal legal teams. From helping businesses recruit their very first in-house lawyer through to growing their team domestically or internationally, we have a wealth of experience advising on the legal skills needed to fulfil regulatory requirements and commercial objectives.

We work with businesses across multiple industries within commerce, financial services and banking with clients ranging from start-ups and SMEs through to listed companies. We assist non-qualified legal professionals - including paralegals - as well as qualified solicitors through to Legal Director and General Counsel, some of which have worked with us since we were founded in 1989.

Our longevity in the market and strength of client relationships allows us to connect our clients with the most sought after legal professionals.


Interim Solutions

Taylor Root has a highly successful team of specialist interim recruiters, who work with their clients to secure much needed expertise when they need it.

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Key Contacts

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    Julian Stone

    Senior Partner

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    Sarah Ingwersen

    Partner - Head of In-House

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    Philippa Anderson


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    Nikki Newton

    Executive Director

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    Penny Parker