Avoiding burnout and preparing for a post-pandemic era

Event date/time: Thu, 24 February 2022 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

In 2019, ‘burnout’ was recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as an ‘occupational phenomenon’. As lockdowns and uncertainty due to the Covid-19 pandemic have drastically affected our work-life balance and working environment,  several survey reports have shown over half of employees are experiencing burnout. This isn’t surprising when a large majority of us have been juggling extended work schedules, homeschooling, household chores and an underlying current of uncertainty for almost two years now.

Mental Health UK notes that as prevalent it is, burnout is often misunderstood, stigmatised, and costly both to employees’ health and wellbeing, and employers’ productivity. Burned-out employees are 63% more likely to take a sick day and 2.6 times as likely to be actively seeking a different job and 50% less likely to discuss how to approach performance goals with their manager (Gallup). Preventing employee burnout should be a top priority for leaders at any organisation. Understanding the causes and current state of employee burnout can help leaders develop strategies to prevent it and help workers feel supported.

In this webinar, psychologist and author, Elke Geraerts will inspire us with her unique approach translating new psychological insights into fresh and accessible day-to-day applications that you can immediately implement in your team or organisation to improve mental resilience, prevent burnout and prepare for a post-pandemic era.

The proposed agenda includes:

–       What are the signs of burnout

–       How to improve your mental resilience, to better protect against stress and burnout

–       How to reduce burnout in your team and organisation

–       New survival techniques for our digital world

–       What you can do to foster connection within your team, focus on what really matters, and touch the right future-proof chords

The event was chaired by Nikki Newton and Georgia Morgan-Wynne at Taylor Root.