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We recruit into professional services firms across the UK.

Professional Services

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We recruit into professional services firms across the UK.
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Our teams work with a variety of professional service firms helping...

As a market leader for in-house legal and compliance search and recruitment within professional services we understand how disruptive technology, increased competition and increased demand by clients have altered the business requirements of professional service firms. 

Our approach focusses on finding the best people to meet the change that our clients face. Through collaboratively working with clients we understand their specific hiring needs and can expertly advise them accordingly. Our experience over the last three decades has enabled us to connect legal and compliance professionals at all levels with a wide variety of professional services firms. We are committed to finding innovative solutions to help our clients source the best available talent.


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    Sarah Ingwersen

    Partner | Head of In-House

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    Ann Marie Martakis

    Director | Banking & Financial Services

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    Julian Stone

    Senior Partner

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    Nikki Newton

    Partner | Banking & Financial Services

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    Philippa Anderson

    Partner | Risk & Compliance

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    Ben Cockram

    Director │ Global Partnerships

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