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We recruit into commerce & corporate firms across the UK.

Corporate & Commercial

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We recruit into commerce & corporate firms across the UK.
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Across all industries and sectors we identify the most sought after...

Building upon decades as a market leader for in-house legal recruitment, our specialist Corporate & Commercial team has an extensive and unrivalled network across multiple industries. Our success has been driven by long-standing relationships with the clients and lawyers we work with, as well as a reputation for operating authentically, with uncompromising integrity.

Businesses seek to attract the best emerging talent. Access to a global talent pool has become business critical for a large number of our clients, particularly multinational organisations. Our international teams cohesively search for talent in their local jurisdictions and collaborate with colleagues in our global offices to ensure we source the best candidates, both in terms of skill set and personality fit.

Our approach is talent-centric. The specialist expertise and legal backgrounds of our people gives us a solid understanding of our clients’ hiring needs. This enables us to connect legal professionals at all levels with a wide variety of businesses: from SME’s and start-ups to listed companies and multinationals. We are committed and adept at finding innovative solutions to help our clients find new talent, as well as assisting our candidates’ career goals either in their current jurisdiction or internationally.

We are confident in our abilities and it is a testament to our success that the majority of our instructions are on an exclusive and retained basis from long-established clients.


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    Davina Fisher

    Associate Director

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    Edward Cook


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    Georgia Morgan-Wynne

    Group Manager

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    Julian Stone

    Senior Partner

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    Miles Gillhespy


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    Nick Wilkins


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    Philippa Anderson


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    Priya Shah

    Senior Consultant

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    Vicky Orton

    Associate Director

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    Charlotte Hannaway

    Senior Consultant

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    Tatum Gollop


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    Hela Boussif

    Associate Director

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    Olivia Sacco

    Associate Consultant


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