Taylor Root UK Trustee Network: An interview with Andin Fonyonga, The Kids Network

Author Georgia Morgan-Wynne
August 24, 2023

As part of our interview series for our Trustee Network, Taylor Root Partner, Georgia Morgan-Wynne recently spoke to Andin Fonyonga about her time as a Trustee for The Kids Network. Andin is Group Head of Legal & Compliance at Global Fashion Group.

What does your trustee organisation do?

The Kids Network was founded in 2016 and is committed to helping children live the lives they deserve. Focusing on children aged 8-11 years in London, the charity provides tailored, early intervention by delivering high-quality, one-to-one mentoring services over the course of a year. Collaborating with a network of trained local volunteers, the impact of The Kids Network is transformational and allows children to develop their skills, capacities and capabilities, in order to enable them to participate in society as mature and responsible individuals.

Why were you interested in becoming a Trustee?

I was particularly drawn to the work of The Kids Network as a result of my own personal experiences. I have always been extremely motivated to encourage and inspire young people to think beyond any limits that they or others may have placed on them. I genuinely believe that programs and support systems that encourage young people to focus on positive outcomes through promoting education, skills and meaningful connections, as well as encouraging self-belief are transformative. I was keen to use the skills that I had gained throughout my career to help the charity meet its objectives.

Briefly describe your role as a Trustee and what involvement you have in your organisation?

I served as one of eight trustees and a member, and subsequently the Chair, of the People & Safeguarding Committee. The charity held five board meetings annually, as well as an offsite strategy day attended by all Trustees and the senior leaders of the charity. Committee meetings were held quarterly. As a trustee, you play a crucial role in setting the overall direction and strategy of the charity and participate in decision making in relation to key matters such as budgeting and fundraising. Considering my legal experience, I assisted with legal and governance matters, advising the charity on contractual matters, disputes and compliance matters. There were times when I was actively involved beyond Board or Committee meetings as required, assisting with additional matters such HR issues, safeguarding reviews and panels and risk management and mitigation. Working with a small charity provides a fantastic opportunity to have a direct and noticeable impact on the charity, as well as opening avenues to explore new areas of involvement and acquire new skills.

What are the benefits of a lawyer being a Trustee?

I would encourage any lawyer who is keen to work with a charity on a long-term basis to consider becoming a Trustee. Our legal expertise and commercial acumen will allow us to offer strategic guidance in managing challenges and risks that may arise for charities. Provided you approach the role with enthusiasm and a desire to make a difference, the skills obtained throughout your legal career will be of significant help to charities, particularly small and grassroots charities. Go for it!

If you are interested in a Trustee role or are looking to hire a Trustee position, please get in touch with Georgia to find out more.  

We want to reiterate that this is not a paid service and forms part of our referral programme, so please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

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