Black Lives Matter

June 12, 2020

The SR Group stands with the Black community, committed to the unalienable truth that Black Lives Matter.

We’ve spent time listening, learning, and reflecting on how we can better equip our staff, leadership, clients and community to seek to understand and call out bias. It is up to us all to do more to dismantle the systemic structures which create barriers to equality for people from across all backgrounds.

We recognise a statement cannot meaningfully address this but the first step in change is acknowledging the need for change.

More than ever, we are grateful to do business across so many sectors and work with professionals uniquely poised to deliver so many of the changes we need to see in the world. Working in partnership with our clients, our people can be influencers of change.

Diversity and Inclusion is important to us, however, we know we can do more. We recognise our responsibility as recruitment professionals to influence positive change in a move towards greater equality.

One of the core organisational values we stand by is ‘authenticity’ and for this reason it is important for us, as a business, to acknowledge our shortcomings and responsibilities and to translate desire for change into actionable impactful goals.

We are considering what this means practically for us, both as a business and an employer, in terms of how we connect with and the experiences we give our clients, candidates, employees and suppliers. We are now consulting with our employees to determine how we affect change and do better.