How to run a successful onboarding process

Author Georgia Morgan-Wynne
maart 12, 2024

As a General Counsel or Head of Legal onboarding for your legal and compliance team is crucial. Good onboarding starts with a great recruitment process and continues all the way through the first year of your new hire.

1. Hiring process

  • Go through an overview of job responsibilities and key short-term goals
  • Set up meetings and facilitate introductions with key team members and stakeholders across the business to help integration
  • Schedule regular check-ins so you have time blocked to provide feedback and address any questions that occur moving forward
  •  Set clear objectives and expectations for the coming months
  • Continue to have open communication and regular check ins
  • Provide access to training programs that can help their development, success in role and integration into the business
  • Implement a mentorship program pairing them with an experienced colleague
  •  Conduct performance reviews formally or informally at the 6-month and 1-year milestones acknowledging achievements and identifying areas for growth. Ask what they need support with too
  • Talk through longer term goals for the role and potential for career progression in future. Ask what their aspirations are too so you can align expectations

If you are looking to grow your team whether it be your in-house legal team or your compliance team in the UK or around the world please contact a member of your local Taylor Root team.

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