Italy in-house legal market report and salary guide 2022-2023

The last year has seen unprecedented growth across multiple industries all over the world. The legal markets have been no exception. Indeed, the Italian economy, for example, grew 6.5% in 2021. The knock on is obvious. Businesses have needed to recruit in order to keep up with demand, and this includes the recruitment of lawyers. And now, in 2022, despite the war in Ukraine, gas and electricity prices soaring and a broad increase in prices in foods and services, the legal recruitment market in Italy and the rest of Southern Europe remains strong. It appears the political and financial issues are not impacting as yet.

It’s difficult to ignore the most pressing trend in the market right now: it’s busy. Really busy. In fact, there’s never been a better time to be a legal practitioner looking to make a move. We have seen the demand for lawyers, especially at the junior and mid-level end across all industry sectors at an all-time high. From energy and sports to tech and ecommerce. What has been very interesting for our sector is that the number of businesses, which historically never worked with search consultancies before, are now looking to engage the expertise of an agency.

This is because right now, talent has never been more difficult to attract and to secure. And, these businesses have such high demands for talent that their internal recruitment teams cannot keep up with the volume, let alone secure the best candidates.

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