Roles we recruit for: Paralegals, Document Review and Contract manager

Paralegals, Document Review

& Contract Managers

Our offering to law firms and in-house

The legal world is changing and with change comes opportunity.  Supplemental to the rise of artificial intelligence,  the need for highly skilled Paralegal, Document Review and Contract Managers has increased.  Our highly experienced team work with Law Firms and in-house legal teams as they embrace transformation and recognise the value of hiring Paralegals, Document Review and Contract Managers.

  • Hiring paralegals to undertake administrative, routine or process-driven work can have a huge impact on the efficiency of a department in a Law Firm or an in-house legal team.  It maximises the profitability of the work being undertaken and ensures that qualified lawyers have time to focus on complex work and also to dedicate time to developing client relationships.

    Our team recruits paralegals on both an interim and a permanent basis into law firms,  Commerce and Corporates, Banking and other Financial Services organisations.

  • We are regarded as one of the leading providers of document review professional and have supplied teams of between one and thirty lawyers and paralegals at short notice to a large number of firms including Magic Circle and US practices.

    With the help of our international offices we have created networks of document review candidates from all over the world including France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Greece, Poland, Russia, Korea and the UAE.  Our expert and efficient service ensures that you can quickly resource a document review project with the correct specialist and language skills.