Australia | Corporate and commercial salary guide and market report 2020-21

Taylor Root is pleased to present our 2020-21 in-house salary guide and Market Reports for the Corporate and commercial legal sector in Australia.

Each year we aim to provide our clients and candidates with relevant and timely remuneration data that can help legal departments and individual lawyers make more informed business and career decisions. Unfortunately, a lot has changed since we presented our last report and the challenge of COVID-19 has impacted all of us.

By means of introducing this report, below is an extract from the report.

During unprecedented times, companies rely on their legal departments to help navigate crises and outline a path to the other side. At the time of writing, it is unknown how long this pandemic will last, what measures will be taken by governments whether State or Federal to mitigate the crisis, and (when the pandemic is all over) whether countries will return to ‘normal’ – or a paradigm shift will occur.

What we do know is that the COVID-19 pandemic is creating fundamental changes in our way of life – with individuals, businesses, organisations and also entire economies all facing an uncertain future, and for General Counsel and other in-house lawyers, dealing with crisis management and the operational considerations of the business is the current new norm.

Areas covered in this year’s reports include:

  • Overview of the Australian In-house Legal Market
  • In-house Legal Industry Insights
  • Australian In-house Lawyers’ salaries
  • General Counsel and Company Secretaries market update
  • General Counsel and Company Secretaries salaries

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