Living and working guide to the UK for Australian and New Zealand lawyers

Author Hayden Gordine
April 12, 2021

For many Australian and New Zealanders, travelling and working in the UK has been a rite of passage for generations. With historical ties, no language barrier, a similar legal system, and Europe on its doorstep, the UK has been a natural fit for lawyers, wishing to work abroad, accelerate their career and travel the world. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic put a dramatic halt on international travel but with the UK leading the world in Covid-19 vaccinations, coupled with an extremely buoyant legal market, demand has never been higher for Australian and New Zealander lawyers. The UK is open.

Our international offering combines our deep market expertise as the UK’s largest legal recruitment firm, with an exceptional global network of consultants, who understand the process and challenges of an international career move. Timing will be critical, the process more challenging but UK-based law firms are showing flexibility and understanding with arrival dates over the next six to nine months. London remains an attractive city for lawyers considering a career abroad and despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, now has never been a better time to consider a move abroad for your career. London beckons. 

If you are considering living and working in the UK please download our Living & Working Guide to the UK for Australian and New Zealand Lawyers – 2021 (see below), or interested in another international location, please contact Hayden Gordine on (02) 9236 9004 or via email for further information.

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