Recruiting General Counsel

Building legal leadership

With vast experience and global reach, we help businesses across every sector to find the most outstanding senior legal talent, and General Counsel to help develop and progress their careers.

Strong legal leadership is the lynch pin to every successful business. General Counsel today are more than just lawyers. They are part of the strategy and businesses rely on their knowledge and commerciality. Therefore, finding the right talent is crucial. 

How we can help

Finding senior legal talent

Hiring at this very senior level is more than just a new hire, it is a new partnership for the business. As a business you will be looking for someone who can not only deal with the pure practical legal matters but someone who can align this to the business objectives in the most commercial way.

We have a proven track record of delivering results in high-profile, complex senior legal talent searches and accessing our strong relationships with the General Counsel community.

Building legal teams

Whether you are looking to build out your headquartered legal team or launch in-house legal resource around the world you will be looking to find the highest quality talent.

Many businesses in recent years have looked to decentralise their legal teams and it has become more important than ever to have legal expertise on the ground. These lawyers provide local knowledge around specific laws and regulations but also local language skills allowing for ease of access when it comes to complicated legal matters.

Hiring your first lawyer

Making this investment is a big step for businesses and there are lots of questions, from when is the right time to bring in this resource to what kind of background should the lawyer have.

As a business, you need to scope the role out and establish where this talent would sit within your business and what long-term benefits having this resource will mean.

Meet our global leadership in-house legal team

By choosing to work with us, you will benefit from: 

Genuine global reach

Our 13 global offices have completed projects in more than 55 locations.  Through our extensive network we can consistently deliver in your search for talent 

An unrivalled track record

We have been responsible for some of the highest profile moves in the legal profession. We know how to achieve your goals

Market longevity

We pioneered the first recruitment consultancies in numerous global locations. We offer local market knowledge on a global scale

Focused expertise

We are a legal specialist search and recruitment consultancy dedicated to the legal profession. We speak your language and understand your markets  

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