Market Update – Tech Sector in Asia

Author Alex Wiseman
January 13, 2017

Market Overview

Demand for technology lawyers remains strong, both from the technology industry itself and from the broader corporate sector. As all businesses focus on innovation, the recruitment of dedicated technology lawyers for in-house teams has become essential for most large corporates. In addition to supporting internal IT contracting, procurement and outsourcing needs, in-house technology lawyers increasingly support the development of critical customer facing technologies.

Smaller, dynamic MNCs in the areas of software, cloud computing, data analytics and the digital sector are starting to recruit for their first regional counsel on the ground in Singapore. Compensation tends to vary widely depending on the size and stage of the company’s growth, as reflected in the table below. Base salaries on offer tend to be much lower in comparison to what larger, more established companies can offer, but this is compensated with generous equity options. Mandarin language capabilities are preferred as China becomes an increasingly important market in APAC for many of these companies.

PQEBase Salary RangeBonus Range
1 – 370,000 SGD – 90,000 SGD0 – 10%
3 – 580,000 SGD – 120,000 SGD0 – 20%
5 – 796,000 SGD – 150,000 SGD10 – 20%
7 – 9120,000 SGD – 240,000 SGD15 – 20%
9 – 11180,000 SGD – 250,000 SGD15 – 25%
SEA Head of Legal180,000 SGD – 280,000 SGD25 – 40%
APAC Head of Legal300,000 SGD – 500,000 SGD30 – 50%

Candidate profiles:

Candidate #804901:
• 10 years’ PQE
• Currently regional counsel at a leading services provider in the telecommunications industry
• Started as sole counsel and grew the legal function to a team of 3 in Asia
• Has business-level Mandarin and very familiar with operating in a Chinese environment

Candidate #993071:
• 13 years’ PQE
• Currently APJ Counsel at a US technology MNC, providing legal strategy, advice and support for the company’s business and operations
• Fluent in business-level Mandarin, including negotiating and drafting in Mandarin
• Available immediately due to restructuring in the company

Candidate #1179431:
• 6 years’ PQE
• Was with the technology team of a top Indian firm, including a one-year secondment to the U.S
• Has drafted, negotiated and advised on complex IT, business outsourcing agreements and IP licenses, particularly in the technology and financial services sectors
• Relocated to Singapore recently and is available immediately

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