Why are more legal professionals choosing the interim path?

Author Tobias Herweijer
May 13, 2019

The legal landscape has changed over recent years with interim work becoming a more popular choice for an ever-increasing number of legal professionals.

Lawyers choosing to work on an interim basis do so for a number of reasons; seeking to work in different industries, enjoying greater control over their work-life balance, a much wider variety of organisations to work for and of course the attractive hourly rates.   

Traditionally, legal departments have consisted of permanent employees with minimal or no use of interim lawyers. However, over the past years, we have observed a significant increase in the number of legal departments experiencing the benefits of hiring lawyers on an interim basis. There are many reasons a business would hire an interim lawyer; it may be in response to an increase in workflow, to cover for someone on maternity leave or long-term sickness, temporarily acquire a lawyer with specialist knowledge or assist on short-term projects.

The interim market for legal professionals is currently thriving within both commerce and industry, financial services and private practice and we expect this to continue for 2019.

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