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As the pandemic gradually becomes more of a distant memory, the war for talent has continue in the UK and Ireland in-house legal markets.

Salary increases that originated in US law firms have rippled through the magic and silver circle firms, spilling over to corporates, financial and professional services. This has created continued challenges in securing junior to-mid level lawyers due to the sheer volume of opportunities currently available to them. There has also been a strong increase in the number of opportunities for Heads of Legal and General Counsel.

UK Salary data

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Meet the team

Aman Kumar

Senior Consultant | Compliance

London, Netherlands, UK

Balquis Hussein

Associate Director | Risk and Compliance

London, UAE, UK

Brogan McDougall

Associate Director | Risk and Compliance

London, UK

Giulia Natale

Senior Consultant | Law Firms


Hamish Richmond

Manager | Head of Ireland


Huang Kai 黄恺

Senior Consultant | Law Firms | China

China, Singapore

Jack Hitching

Associate Director | Risk and Compliance

London, UK

Jide Chinsman

Director | Privacy, Audit and Compliance

London, UK

Julian Stone


Ireland, London, UK, US

Lisa Cavanaugh

Associate Director


Louise Nicholls

Director | Risk and Compliance

London, UK

Mark Anderson

Director | Head of In-house Legal | Middle East and Africa


Miriam Kuepper

Executive Director | Head of DACH and Nordics


Miya Toh 杜心慧

Associate Director | Head of Risk and Compliance


Philippa Anderson

Partner | Risk and Compliance

London, UK

Samantha Fong

Partner | Head of Hong Kong and North Asia

China, Hong Kong

Solveig Heilmann

Senior Consultant | In-house Legal


Sultan Afzal

Executive Director | Risk and Compliance

London, UAE, UK

Sunny Yung

Associate Director | In-house Legal

Hong Kong

Theresa Pang 彭爱真

Executive Director | Head of In-house Legal | South East Asia


Tobias Herweijer

Associate Director | In-house Legal and Compliance


Victoria King

Associate Director | In-house Legal


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