Being an ally during Black History Month and beyond

August 5, 2022

The second of our four-part series is dedicated to taking action and becoming an ally to Black colleagues. At Frazer Jones, not only do we find it crucial to educate one another, but applying knowledge to enforce positive change resonates with our core values. We celebrate diversity, strive for equity and commit to inclusion.

Taking action isn’t as easy as the words themselves, as they involve steps. Firstly, create awareness by educating yourself on Black history. Next, visualise the common objective as an ally and finally take action by speaking up against racial injustice. Study the dynamics of the corporate world and learn how to invest in the well-being and advancements of our colleagues in the workplace. 

Through our resources, explore a plan of action to drive racial equity in the workforce, celebrate all communities and embrace the tools to become an ally during Black History Month and beyond.

Build a diverse and inclusive workplace

 ‘Getting serious about corporate diversity’ – Policy Forum

This first article tackles the illusion of corporate diversity when perceived as a numerical target. Akshaya Kamalnath, (Senior Lecturer, The Australian National University (ANU) College of Law), questions Australian policymakers and companies regarding their representation of non-gender forms of diversity on Australian boards and in leadership positions, compared to other countries. She raises the importance of workplace culture and supporting ethnic diverse colleagues.

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‘4 Ways To Invest In Your Black Employees’ – Forbes

Systematic racism in the corporate world leaves Black talent unsupported, with many still struggling to find their place. Janice Gassam Asare (Senior Contributor, Forbes) reigns in on ways of building an inclusive workplace based on equity for our Black employees. Listing four specific points she unveils resources, lived experiences and objectives that businesses can use to invest in Black employees.

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‘How to Create an Inclusive Recruiting Process on a Budget’ – ReadySet

The recruitment industry entails many processes where methods to source future talent and place individuals into their companies are utilised. With any selection process, discrimination can occur. Therefore, diversity of thought is crucial in creating a process void of bias. MacKenzie Martin (DEI Consultant & Facilitator, ReadySet) dives into ways of reinforcing an inclusive recruitment process with top tips when on a budget. 

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‘8 Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Black History Month at Work’ – Bonusly

Connie Du (Content Writer, Toptal) raises the importance of Black History in society and the many diversity initiatives that exist, yet discrimination persists. This thought-provoking article denotes opportunities of celebrating Black History by introducing initiatives into the workplace to create a space where our Black colleagues can thrive.

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Uplift the voices of diversity

‘How to Center what Really Matters During Black History Month’ – ReadySet

Black History Month isn’t just about telling a story, it’s about learning about the entirety of Black History, achievements, challenges and people. In this article, Joquina Reed (Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (JEDI) Facilitator | Learning Strategist) addresses ways of valorising Black History Month by reinforcing the importance of Black History authentically throughout the year.

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‘Be a co-conspirator: How white women can move beyond allyship to actually support Black women’ – MSNBC

Ella Bell Smith and Stella Nkomo, the authors of “Our Separate Ways: Black and White Women and the Struggle for Professional Identity,” talk with Mika Brzezinski (Co-Host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe) about their novel that traces the differences between white and Black women in the workforce. They address how gender and racial equity can be achieved in the workplace and explore the notion of co-conspirators.

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‘Honoring Black History Month in tech companies’ – ZDNet

The final education piece of our plan of action is on positive uplifting, notably the voices of diversity in tech companies. Nate Delesline III (Writer, Red Ventures), shares advice from computer science and technology professors of colour of renowned universities, who discuss how tech companies can do better for Black, Indigenous and people of colour (BIPOC).

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This article is the second of a four-part series celebrating Black History Month. The next article will be celebrating Black History Heroes.

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