Psychological safety and high-performing teams

Event date/time: Tue, 14 March 2023 11:00 am AEDT

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Webinar hosted by Angela Franks, Partner at Frazer Jones

The working world is ever-changing and as we enter hybrid working 2.0 which focuses more on the needs of the team – there still seems to be conflict and mismanagement. 

So that leads us to think about what a performing team looks like – how do they act, interact and what is that magic formula? Many factors play into the dynamics of a performing team and with the new legislation in Australia on psychological safety, we wanted to explore the relationship between the two.

In this interactive webinar, Angela Franks, Partner at Frazer Jones, speaks to Bernadette Thomas, CEO and founder of Rosby Consulting; Skye Mackie, Head of HR (Transformation & Projects) at Equifax; and Patrick Bruneau, Head of People & Culture at Diageo to cover:

Join us for an interactive webinar via zoom on Tuesday 14 March at 11:00 am AEDT. Register via the link.


Bernadette Thomas

CEO and founder Rosby Consulting.
The Wellbeing Games

Bernadette Thomas has 20 years’ experience in HR within APAC & EMEA partnering with organisations to improve their business performance from strategic planning to implementation. Providing improved revenue, engagement, and well-being outcomes for their employees, their teams, and the business.

Bernadette supports global organisations in creating, designing, and delivering comprehensive People Strategies from process to behavioural change. She is an executive coach for individuals and teams, supporting them to achieve their ambitions.

Patrick Bruneau

Head of People and Culture at Diageo. Registered Psychologist

Patrick is a registered Psychologist and a member of the Australian Psychological Society. He holds graduate and post-graduate degrees in Science and Psychology and obtained his Master of Psychology (Educational and Developmental), and a Master of Commerce, majoring in Industrial relations, Human Resource Management and Workplace Learning and Development (HRD) strategies.

Patrick is the Head of People and Culture at Diageo and leads on business partnering, strategy, and delivery of key initiatives that include Culture, Change and Transformation, Inclusion and Diversity, Continuous Learning Philosophy, Performance Management (High-Performance Teams), Coaching, Mentoring, and Workforce Planning.

Skye Mackie

Head of HR – Transformation and Projects at Equifax

Skye started her career working in hotels before she landed on what would become the career that took her around the world and back. Her first role in HR was with Accor Asia Pacific group in Australia. This was to become the foundation for her continuing passion for all things people development.

Skye’s roles since then have centred around Human Resources, Learning and Organisation Development, and latterly transformation and change. Several of Skye’s roles involved management consultancy businesses and her passion for diversity, inclusion, belonging, and intersectionality began during her time working for SkillBoosters in London.

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