Career Progression for Knowledge Lawyers and PSLs

Ailish Hogan Ailish Hogan, Career Advice

Since the start of the year we’ve seen a marked increase in enquiries from our law firm clients who are keen to know what they should be offering Knowledge Lawyers and PSLs when it comes to career progression.

As we have access to a wide range of market information, I thought I’d use this time to share my thoughts and observations on this issue.  Increasingly, firms are becoming more aware that, whilst those in knowledge roles have chosen to step away from fee-earning, this doesn’t necessarily equate to them being content to take a step back from a challenging role and one that has clear and attainable goals. 

It’s really encouraging to see a growing number of  firms turning their attention to the career progression of those in the knowledge function.   Over the last 2 years several firms have overhauled their knowledge structure to address this issue.    Firms are becoming increasingly aware that if they offer a transparent and progressive career structure it will be easier to attract new talent and retain their existing experts.   So, it’s positive news for knowledge lawyers as there are a rising number of opportunities that offer genuine career progression.  It’s good news for law firms too as it’s clear that, with the backing and buy-in from the Partners, an effective knowledge function can provide an essential part of the firm’s infrastructure.

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