I have just started a position but am remote. How can I build rapport with the team?

Alisa Kayser Alisa Kayser, Career Advice

Positive, meaningful interaction between colleagues is of vital importance in any industry, in order to maintain a cohesive team where everybody feels valued. When a proportion of the workforce is working remotely, how can these individuals ensure they’re bonding with their colleagues when they can’t see them over the coffee machine each morning? This is especially important when you’re new to a role and keen to ensure you’re seen as part of the team.

Here are some top tips to get you started…

  • Participate in everyday remote socialising. Utilise whichever channels your company makes available where teammates can post inspiration, upload photos relating to their day and celebrate the team’s work-related successes. When morale is up, so is productivity.

  • Engage in remote team-building activities wherever possible. Activities such as quizzes, virtual fitness challenges, photography competitions and ice-breaker games all help to build trust and a feeling of inclusion.

  • Use video for calls with team members wherever possible. Online communication doesn’t allow us to read the non-verbal signs that we are able to identify in a face-to-face conversation, and which are key to helping us decipher meaning and intent. This can lead to communication issues, so take the opportunity to build rapport by making eye contact with your colleagues wherever possible. You can still keep your slippers on under your desk…

  • It can be sometimes be geographically challenging but….meet in person when you can. Events such as Christmas parties, conferences and new employee onboarding all provide key opportunities for remote workers to connect with their colleagues and raise a glass in the real world.