Career Planning for Senior Associates

Charlotte Pember Charlotte Pember, Career Advice

The Covid 19 virus is not going to last forever but its global impact will have repercussions on lawyers careers for years to come. For senior associates it is a time to be strategic and whilst working from home and ‘shut down’ is enforced it is important to reflect and consider ones options.

Whilst many strategic opportunities are on pause at the present time and a change in path or direction may not be readily open to all this can be a chance for lawyers to access their position and those who stand the tallest will come out strongest in the long run.

We have heard from some of the top city firms that some teams are extraordinarily busy, in particular litigation, insolvency and employment and we anticipate that some teams will ask their lawyers to change focus and broaden their practice areas. This is the most challenging and globally demanding period of people’s working lives and in order to survive one needs to be calm, focused and flexible. For some lawyers broadening out practice areas can be seen an opportunity and will undoubtedly provide some very interesting work.

Agile working – once something that most international firms would shudder at is now most lawyers current state of work. I for one am missing the office environment but on looking at the glass half full it makes you appreciate your colleagues, the infrastructure and our invaluable IT teams! The current work environment is a travellator we are enforced to stay on for the present time! So people can either put their head in the sand for times to change or be productive, thoughtful and make yourself stand out from the crowd and protect your future.

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