Partners and Teams

Partner Search is core to our business and Taylor Root has long been established as a global market leader. Every year, our Partners and Directors are responsible for brokering and negotiating many of the headline lateral partner moves in the legal market.

Over the last 30 years, our international, domestic and boutique law firm clients have retained and partnered with us when seeking to make senior strategic hires. It is these long standing relationships that are fundamental to our success. We also represent individual Partners and Teams who seek our guidance when exploring targeted lateral opportunities, as well as Counsels and Senior Associates looking to move vertically into Partner roles.

Our clients see us as trusted advisors. Our successful track record is based on an unrivalled network of senior contacts; a bespoke methodology for each search; deep experience and market knowledge; and a discreet, personal and sophisticated approach.

To discuss how we can assist with your partner search, please contact​ Helen Howard today.


We work on an exclusive basis often, as it provides us with an appropriate time to discreetly research the market. This, in turn leads to better quality candidates identified.



Our principal focus is on law firm partner search. We work in conjunction with our law firm clients on some of their most important lateral assignments, often providing knowledgeable advice beyond finding talent. 



In addition to retained search, we also assist firms that prefer to source partner candidates on a contingent basis. Our team has accumulated a wealth of experience in search assignments and we have a vast network of contacts enabling us to identify good quality candidates suited to our clients' needs.


Key Contacts

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    Shane Morton


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    Alex Wiseman


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    Samantha Fong

    Executive Director | Head of Private Practice | Hong Kong & North Asia

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    Tim Marshall

    Executive Director

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    Rob Bushnell


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    Aaron Mathieson

    Director | Australia