Diversity & Inclusion

Our Approach

Taylor Root recognises that authentic diverse recruitment practice starts from within - it’s our consultants who empower and enable us as a business to attract and effectively represent diverse candidates.

Our Diversity & Inclusion strategy has a focus on internal training, policy and experience - if we educate ourselves, understand privilege, become aware of our unconscious bias and constantly challenge it, we then appreciate and understand our candidates beyond their profiles.

We understand that we have a critical role to play in improving best practice throughout the recruitment process, becoming a credible recruitment partner to our clients and in turn supporting them in the development of their own D&I strategy.

Disability does not preclude talent. It also doesn’t preclude qualifications, especially as 83% of disabled people required their disability as adults and post-education age.

Evenbreak was set up to make sure this talent does not go to waste. It is a social enterprise that helps inclusive employers attract more talented disabled people and disabled jobseekers find work with employers who will truly value their skills. They have over 30,000 disabled candidates currently registered on their site.

Our partnership with Evenbreak means that our clients can be confident that they will attract additional *HR talent and applications that they may not find through other recruitment channels. From April 2019 all our roles will be automatically advertised through the Evenbreak job-board and will continue to promote the business benefits of inclusive hiring. 


D&I Internal Training

Our mandatory global training programme includes unconscious bias, behavioural awareness and values-based elements, and is delivered to all new starters and existing employees.

We aim to empower our consultants with a deeper understanding of D&I so that we understand the influence that our thinking has on our external recruitment practices.



We are proud to partner with myGwork, an award winning business community for LGBTQ+ professionals, inclusive organisations and anyone who believes in workplace equality. myGwork helps to promote diversity and inclusion both in the workplace and beyond by offering its members a safe space where they can connect with inclusive employers, find jobs, mentors and professional events, which makes it an ideal partner for our brand given our strong commitment to diversity and inclusive within recruitment.


Inclusive volunteering

Through our volunteering programme we are developing a better understanding of power, privilege and social change. We are connecting our consultants to ‘local realities’ and educating ourselves on the power of becoming change agents for social action. Our partnership with Benefacto is enabling us to make this happen across Taylor Root.


Social mobility

We are committed to working with organisations like Resurgo and Project Search. These partnerships enable us to initiate real action and support social mobility through employment. They also give us a sense of responsibility in terms of how we support those with real barriers to work by sharing our skills, expertise and resources.

Our internal hiring strategy

Taylor Root recognises that a ‘company fit’ can create a group of recruiters who ultimately recruit and attract very similar candidates. We have revised our internal hiring process to encourage increased diversity across the business. This includes more inclusive decision making around hires, the removing of qualifications from CVs, educating our consultant recruitment agencies and looking at competence and potential rather than background.


Want to know more?

Taylor Root recognises that authentic diverse recruitment practice starts from within - it’s our consultants who empower and enable us as a business to attract and effectively represent diverse candidates.

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