Should I let the Coronavirus hamper my job search?

Author James Brewster
March 12, 2020

Coronavirus has certainly made current job seekers think twice, not because they don’t want to leave their current employer, adhering to Government guidance is having an impact on everyone, no one is excluded.  For job seekers, the fear of giving up employment rights at the current firm should the economy take a hit and the fear of firms being forced to make cuts may make some people more averse to risk.  It’s a perfectly reasonable thought process right now.  Equally, employers may well wish to put recruitment on hold until they know more about the amount of time we are likely to be in this uncertain period given cash flow will be the priority.  But I’ve found it very encouraging this week to speak to clients who remain pragmatic and continue to make offers.  Candidates still wish to explore the jobs market so let’s keep the conversations going. 

I firmly believe that candidates already involved in a recruitment process perhaps at 1st, 2nd or 3rd stage interviews should stay in the process and not pull out, provided the employer is happy to keep the process running.  Increasingly interviews are taking place over platforms like Skype, Zoom and Microsoft Teams to keep processes moving.  Current thinking around delaying start dates or having online induction plans that can be conducted from home should be encouraged.  There are many options that we can explore in order to avoid putting a full stop to recruitment.  After all, the market was pretty strong before Coronavirus, up until now we have been extremely busy working on lots of new vacancies and speaking to large numbers of candidates who have approached us to help them seek new roles.  Coronavirus aside, the economy is in a very good place.

Now, I’m certainly not insensitive enough to suggest we should ignore all the advice, not prioritise support for the most vulnerable in society and carry on as if it’s not happening.  However, as far as recruitment is concerned if at all possible we should opt for slowing processes down rather than cancelling them all together so that candidates don’t lose out on their dream job and clients don’t lose out on recruiting the best talent.  

After all, this is a temporary setback and we need businesses to be able to bounce back immediately with the right level of resources in place in order to capitalise on the opportunities out there when things settle down. 

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