Welcoming Vin Murria to Taylor Root

James Brewster Vin Murria, Taylor Root

An interview with Vin Murria. 



  • What are you really good at?
    Relationship building. I like people and recognise it’s important to value their time. I also appreciate how long careers truly are and how valuable your network can be. I pride myself on being consultative and try to find actual solutions to needs, rather than throw something at the wall and see what sticks.
  • What is one lesson you learnt the hard way?
    Prior to joining Taylor Root, I was a boomerang employee (twice!). Whilst it is nice to go to a former employer or stay somewhere because you are in your comfort zone, we sometimes need to take that leap of faith and back our skills and experience. Also, I learnt to listen to my wife… that’s always a good shout.
  • How have you had to adapt your recruitment style throughout the pandemic?
    The pandemic has created the need for people to be supportive and empathetic to peoples’ circumstances. It’s something I’ve always done, but I take extra care in ensuring this now. Changing roles in an uncertain time adds risk, so I look to ask the tough questions (in a supportive way!) of a client or candidate to ensure that the placement is right for all involved. 
  • What is the most recent opinion/viewpoint you changed your opinion on?
    In-house isn’t the land of milk and honey! The effects of the pandemic have meant that in-house legal teams are more integral and needed than ever. This has naturally meant that an in-house lawyer’s role has grown and often, so have the expectations.

    Of course, they’re recompensed for it fairly, but it’s important to appreciate that in-house isn’t a move for work/life balance alone! There are lots of brilliant reasons to choose to work in-house and perhaps the most important one now is the opportunity to work with your client and for your client – to invest effort and energy into common goals. That and getting away from chargeable hours!

In-house Snapshot

  • What are the major priorities for your in-house team or division over the coming year, and how do you plan to address them?
    We are in an exciting phase at Taylor Root, having established the Birmingham business in 2019. As such, the major priorities are to service existing clients whilst growing our offering - good news travels fast, as they say! Alongside this, we are underpinned by the largest and most successful in-house recruitment team (Taylor Root’s London team), which is a fantastic opportunity to build upon existing relationships and service existing clients.


  • What are the major business disruptors currently affecting the work Taylor Root and how are they affecting In-house specifically?
    The demand on in-house lawyers has changed. This, coupled with changes in private practice with respect to remote working and flexibility, means that peoples’ typical gripes with private practice have also shifted.

    Moreover, the demand for in-house lawyers has increased.To attract talented lawyers, businesses need to be much more flexible about location, skills, experience, and qualification than before – especially as the number of lawyers wanting to move away from private practice has decreased (for the reasons mentioned above).
  • What do you think is not talked enough about within the In-house sector?
    A Legal Counsel isn’t always a qualified lawyer. In-house lawyers are much more flexible on profile than private practice can be. Hiring people qualified by equivalent means or via an alternative route can be a fantastic way of finding someone with very good experience as a junior; something perhaps misunderstood in private practice.

    An in-house environment can often be a great place for someone from a non-traditional route, or who has had a break from the law or from a commercial environment rather than legal alone. This is something to be championed and celebrated, but often isn’t.