Moving In-house | A guide for Newly Qualified Lawyers

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For all lawyers nearing the end of their training contract there comes that moment when you have to decide what your next move will be! Will you be retained and stay where you are, move to another firm or could you even move in-house?

If you are one of the many wondering whether an in-house position could be right for you, as specialists in the in-house legal market, we want to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Client demand for junior lawyers within in-house legal teams has increased considerably over the last few years. Similarly, we have seen a real surge in interest from junior lawyers looking to take an in-house career path. Despite this, there is still some fear within the market that you can be ‘too junior’ to move in-house. With this guide, we hope to quell those fears and offer insight from individuals who have made that move, and progressed in-house.

We also hope to shed some light on what junior lawyers can do to better their chances of securing an in-house role and highlight the differences between in-house and private practice.

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