Living and Working in Birmingham

James Brewster James Brewster, Career Advice

Jump on a train at London Euston and in less than 90 minutes you find yourself in the UK’s second city.

But who said second is second best? Welcome to Birmingham! Historically know as a city of industry at the centre of the industrial revolution, fast forward circa 260 years and you find yourself in a thriving metropolis and leading hub for business and commerce, retail, transport, events, education, sports and entertainment and the arts in the UK.

Never a city known to standstill Birmingham is constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries in design and infrastructure. Paradise Birmingham and Eastside Birmingham are two fantastic examples of large scale regeneration projects that are changing the face of the city that will no doubt inspire the next generation of businesses and residents. The city will also play host to the 2022 Commonwealth Games which will further cement Birmingham’s reputation as a prominent international destination.

Download the full guide to Living and Working in Birmingham below.

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