PSL Conference ARK 2019

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For the second year running, Taylor Root were delighted to sponsor the ARK Group PSL Conference 2019. 

PSL / KM recruitment specialists Darryn Hale, Ailish Hogan and Alisa Kayser attended the conference. The topic this year was: PSL as agents for change.

The event was a huge success and was a great opportunity for PSLs and Knowledge Lawyers to exchange their views on what is happening in the market at the moment.

Ailish Hogan chaired a panel discussion, on which Darryn Hale was a panellist, in relation to emerging trends in PSL careers. A number of interesting issues were raised during the panel discussion, and throughout the day including:

• The advance innovation is undoubtedly important but as a complement to personal interpretation, not a substitute for it

• The scope of the PSL role and required skill set continues to evolve, develop and grow - as do the opportunities available for those who wish to explore them

• PSLs and Knowledge Lawyers are not just agents for change - but drivers for change!

If you'd like to arrange a confidential discussion about the PSL / KM market then please contact Taylor Root on:

Ailish - ailishhogan@taylorroot.com

Darryn - darrynhale@taylorroot.com

Alisa Kayser - alisakayser@taylorroot.com