Birmingham Lawyers - Have you considered working Offshore?

James Brewster Market Insight

Over the past 20 years our specialist offshore practice has helped numerous Birmingham-based lawyers relocate to the Channel Islands, the Caribbean, and Bermuda. Our clients include leading international law firms in each of the key offshore jurisdictions, all of which offer the opportunity to maintain a high calibre international practice combined with a much improved lifestyle and salary compared to the local market. Furthermore, given that islands like Jersey and Grand Cayman have been established as major financial centres for several decades, they have developed into very liveable places for single people and families alike, with a huge range of recreational options as well as good schools and low crime rates.
The practice areas in highest demand offshore are corporate, finance, funds, litigation, and trusts. Solicitors with these skillsets at well-regarded firms in Birmingham are highly sought after and are often able to secure multiple offers within a couple of months of beginning their search. In each case, you would find yourself working in concert with onshore counsel to structure cross-border transactions or manage the offshore elements of international litigation. An ability to manage a broad practice is key to success, since offshore practices are typically far more varied than those found at firms in the UK.

Spending a few years offshore, particularly early in your career, can allow you to enjoy the benefits of a busy international law firm without the hustle and bustle of city life, as well as supercharging your savings due to the favourable tax rates. It’s not something that appeals to everyone, but if you are curious about these jurisdictions and would like to learn more about what a move offshore could mean for your career, please contact Benedict Roberts on benedictroberts@taylorroot.com or 0207 332 2141.