A career in recruitment: An experienced recruiter perspective

Miles Gillhespy Careers in Recruitment

What made you decide on a career in recruitment?

Prior to going into recruitment, I worked in software sales for a global FTSE Tech company. A friend of mine who was doing really well in recruitment knew I was getting tired of driving up and down the M1 visiting various IT managers and so he suggested coming in for a meeting. Although I had not considered legal and compliance recruitment before I liked the fact that I would be working in a corporate environment, dealing directly with decision makers and hiring managers. I was also attracted by the opportunity to target clients and grow my desk in the way that I wanted.

What makes Taylor Root different to other legal recruiters?

Culturally, Taylor Root retains all the charms of a small boutique agency with all the benefits of a large global agency. This is impressive given Taylor Root’s growth over the last 30 years. One of the most impressive things about Taylor Root is the excellent support service that assist each consultant. The training, marketing and bids teams are always on-hand and willing to support all consultants.

Being a recruitment firm specialising in legal, risk and compliance means that client’s consult us before going to HR or other agencies. Taylor Root’s 30-year history has resulted in Taylor Root becoming a value, trusted consultancy rather than the stereotypical ‘CV pusher’ recruitment business.

Is there any advice you would give to experienced recruiters who would consider moving to a competitor or move into legal recruitment?

My three pieces of advice would be:

  • Look at how long current consultants have been there and how quickly they have progressed.
  • What international plans do they have and how much room to grow?
  • What are your restrictions with moving, can you contact old clients / candidates etc?