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Our interim legal, risk and compliance recruitment teams are adept at finding proven interim specialists, quickly and efficiently, for law firms and businesses in every sector. 

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High quality, flexible resource when you need it

Interim talent is a very flexible way to resource your legal, risk or compliance team. You can recruit experienced professionals very quickly in a variety of ways:

These legal, risk and compliance professionals are brought into your business on a temporary basis for a number of reasons, such as maternity cover, to manage specific projects and initiatives, cover staff absences or provide expertise during transitional periods such as mergers or restructuring.

  • Fixed term contract (FTC)
  • Day rate
  • PAYE
  • Limited company 

Why consider an interim hire?

Bringing in additional resource to any team requires thought, internal discussions and ultimately budget sign off. Sometimes having an interim alternative can allow a business to tackle immediate challenges without committing a long term solution.

Some of the main reasons why we see businesses bringing in interim talent include: 

Headcount and budget constraints

Address immediate needs without long-term commitments.

Quick access to specialists and niche skills

Engage experts with niche skill sets on short notice.  

High degree of flexibility

Adapt to changing business needs with short-term contracts. Whether this be on a day rate or a fixed term contract.

Cover expected and unexpected absences

Fill gaps due to resignation, parental leave, sick leave or project-specific demands.

Make the business case for a permanent hire

Assess the role that needs to be filled and provide evidence that it is required

Access to experienced talent

Interim professionals are ready to hit the ground running

How can your business benefit from hiring interim talent?

Bridge gaps in leadership quickly

An interim professional can help an organisation with anything from strategic guidance, business transformation, maintaining operations or general day to day support. All of this can be done at speed.


Employers can hire project-by-project professionals, giving them more flexibility in managing their workforce and adapting to changing business needs.

Cost savings and reduced administrative burden

Hiring contractors can often be more cost-effective than hiring permanent employees, as employers do not have to pay for all benefits, payroll taxes, or other overhead costs associated with having a full-time employee.
Taylor Root will manage the payroll, onboarding and referencing process. Most importantly, this is at no additional cost.

Increased productivity

Contractors are often highly motivated and focused on delivering results within a specific timeframe, leading to improved organisational productivity and efficiency.

Objective outsider perspective

An outsider is in a particularly good position to highlight areas that need improvement, alongside spotting challenges and opportunities from a fresh perspective.
They can also manage periods of high workload, knowledge transfer, flexibility and maintain business continuity.

Specialised skills

Contractors often have specialised skills and experience that may be difficult or expensive to find in a full-time employee, which can help employers complete projects more efficiently and effectively.

Roles we typically recruit for include:

  • Interim General Counsel 
  • Interim Head of Legal 
  • Interim Partner
  • Interim Legal Director
  • Interim Legal Counsel 
  • Interim Senior Legal Counsel 
  • Interim Associate
  • Interim Of Counsel
  • Interim Professional Support Lawyer
  • Document Review Paralegal
  • Document Review Lawyer 
  • Interim Patent Attorney 
  • Interim Contract Manager 
  • Interim Chief Compliance Officer
  • Interim Head of Risk and Compliance
  • Interim Compliance Manager
  • Interim Compliance Director 
  • Interim Compliance Analyst
  • Interim Company Secretary
  • Interim Chief Risk Officer
  • Interim Risk Director 
  • Interim Head of Operational Risk
  • Interim Risk Quant Manager
  • Interim Risk Business Partner

We are an experienced and trusted recruiter of interim lawyers and risk and compliance, internal audit and company secretarial specialists for businesses in every sector.  

We can provide interim specialists and consultants at all levels, from newly qualified solicitors through to heads of legal, legal directors and general counsel as well as risk analysts, compliance directors, internal auditors and company secretaries. We can also recruit document reviewers, paralegals and other non-qualified legal professionals for projects of all sizes.  


By choosing to work with us, you will benefit from: 

Genuine global reach

Through out network of global offices we have completed projects in more than 55 locations. And we recruit across many sectors through our sister companies Brewer Morris, Carter MurrayFrazer Jones, and Taylor Root

An unrivalled track record

We are a market leader in legal, risk, compliance, internal audit and company secretarial search and recruitment

Market longevity

We pioneered the first recruitment consultancies in numerous global locations. We offer local market knowledge on a global scale

Focused expertise

Our knowledge is entirely focused on the legal, risk and compliance professions. We speak your language and understand your markets

Candidates at pace

Because of the size and quality of our international talent network, we can find the interim specialists you need in as little as 24 hours 

Contract flexibility

Whether you need support on a fixed-term, consultancy, interim day rate basis or more, we can help. We have the talent networks to fulfil your needs on your terms  

Meet the team


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