London Based US Firms

Taylor Root has had a market leading, dedicated US team for over 12 years focussing on recruiting UK and US qualified lawyers into US law firms in London. We have the trust and confidence of Partners and recruitment contacts alike across the whole spectrum of US law firms. We work as closely with those US firms new to London as we do with those who are an established part of the legal map.

Our US specialists have over fourteen years of recruitment experience and have worked through all types of markets, boom and recession. We are used to matching your specific needs with the right type of US firm and can cater for those looking for an increase in salary, more broad ranging and international work, better career prospects or simply a change. We can also talk you through the reality of life at a US firm and dispel some of the myths regarding hours and culture and steer you towards the US firm that is right for you.

The US firms in London are actively recruiting across all practice areas so if you are interested in exploring opportunities or learning more about this area of the market, we would be delighted to assist.