Our team recruits paralegals, contract managers and negotiators of derivatives documents for both permanent and interim positions, with experienced consultants specialising in working with law firms, commerce & industry and banking and other financial services organisations.

Why work as a paralegal?

Individuals may have ambitions to ultimately become solicitors or barristers, or to develop their careers in non-qualified capacities. Working as a paralegal can present an opportunity for:

  • Recent graduates to start earning;
  • More experienced candidates to broaden their skill-set;
  • Newly-qualified lawyers and those admitted in foreign jurisdictions to build on their experience in big-name organisations.

Why recruit paralegals?

Both law firms and in-house legal teams are increasingly recognising the benefit of employing paralegals to undertake more administrative, routine or process-driven work, in terms of the impact on efficiency and costs. Lawyers’ time is thus freed up to concentrate on other level appropriate matters and where relevant, client relationships.