Paralegal services for candidates

The demand for paralegals continues to increase, as law firms and in-house teams increasingly recognise the benefits of utilising non-qualified graduates to undertake legal work.

In parallel, organisations are offering interesting career paths for individuals who are committed to working as a paralegal in the long-term.

Why do candidates choose to work as a paralegal?

Working as a paralegal can be incredibly rewarding, offering challenging and varied work. The benefits include the opportunity:

  • To forge a long-term career without the expense and time involved in qualifying as a Solicitor or Barrister;
  • To gain relevant experience and earn some money before starting a training contract;
  • For those who have qualified overseas, to gain exposure to (the) UK law firm or in-house legal team work and environment.

What experience is required?

With the exception of overseas qualified lawyers, organisations usually seek candidates who have completed the LPC.

Six months’ previous experience of working in a commercial law firm or in-house legal team will typically be required by our clients. However, we are sometimes asked to source candidates simply with very strong academic backgrounds and / or training contracts arranged.

In addition, given the cross-border and international nature of the work undertaken by the big law firms, corporates and banks, language skills are often in demand.

How much can I earn?

Salaries vary considerably depending on factors including level of experience, size and type of organisation, and location. In the larger commercial law firms in London, they will typically start at £22,000. A very experienced paralegal working in-house can earn more than £50,000.

I am currently based overseas

Taylor Root boasts an impressive track record in placing overseas paralegals into roles in the UK, taking full advantage of its international network of offices. View our advice for overseas paralegals by clicking here.

For more information on working as a paralegal or to find out more about the market, please download our brochure or call one of our specialist consultants.