Work Permits and Requalification

Work permits for employment in the Channel Islands are generally not required for UK or EEA citizens. However, applicants from outside the UK and EU will also be required to apply for a Jersey or Guernsey work permit.

In relation to both Jersey and Guernsey, it is not possible for a lawyer to appear before the courts unless they are a Jersey or Guernsey qualified lawyer respectively. Litigators wishing to move to the Channel Islands and appear as advocates must therefore give serious consideration to the re-qualification process.

In both jurisdictions it is also not technically possible to become a partner in the Jersey or Guernsey based law firm unless you are a qualified Channel Islands lawyer. However, most law firms get round this problem by making the senior associate whom they wish to promote into a partner in their London office.

To re-qualify in Jersey, you must have been practising on the island for at least two years. Once you have done this, you will need to undertake a set of six exams from which you must obtain 14 units (it is important to note that one of the exams, Conveyancing, will be in French). The firms are generally very supportive of lawyers who wish to re-qualify, and all training for the exams is provided in-house on the island.

To re-qualify in Guernsey, you must have been practising on the island for at least three years. The exam process is then very similar to that described above, although it will involve a two to three-month residential stay in Caen (France) for part of the course.