One of the main selling points for working in the Channel Islands is the excellent work/life balance on offer. The working day is generally from 9am to 6pm, and most commutes to work will involve a simple beach-front stroll or bike ride. Billable targets also tend to be a lot less than in the City, and the firms try to generate a real sense of “family” in the working environment.

With around 90,000 people in Jersey and 65,000 in Guernsey, both islands have a serenity that cannot be found in bustling cities. Each has a good number of bars and restaurants, usually focused on the shorefront areas (which have been, and continue to be, redeveloped and expanded). Activities on the island are numerous, but tend to centre on outdoor pursuits and, in particular, water sports (sailing, diving, wind-surfing, sea-kayaking and fishing).

On land, rugby, golf, tennis, diving, football and squash are just a few of the sporting options open to anyone. With so many unspoilt sandy beaches, coves, cliffs, and country paths to explore, cycling, walking and horse-riding are particularly popular pursuits. On Jersey, 80km of country ‘Green Lanes’ have a speed limit of 24 km/h where walkers, cyclists and equestrians have the right of way. Guernsey has a similar system in place with roads that they call ‘Ruettes Tranquilles’.

It is perhaps fair to say that both islands are catered more towards couples and young families rather than singles, although the bar scene has certainly become more vibrant in the last few years. Guernsey is a little ‘quieter’ then Jersey.

The schooling on both islands is of the highest quality, with both private and state-funded options available.

Obviously, there are too many lifestyle considerations to accurately explore all of the options available to you a website like this, so to get the best possible idea of whether your bespoke needs will be catered for, please contact one of our expert consultants directly here.