Placed Lawyer Interview





Mathew Newman

Partner, Litigation, Restructuring & Insolvency



Why did you choose this location and is it living up to expectations?

Guernsey allowed me the opportunity to take on the high quality and broad variety of work that runs through an offshore jurisdiction but without moving too far from the mainland UK and British culture.

How did you go about meeting new people when you arrived on island?

Initially I met people through work and my wife met a lot of people through playgroups etc. as we had a 1 year old baby at that point. We now have three children, which has really helped to expand our social circle beyond just the legal community.

Were there any nasty shocks that you were not prepared for when you arrived on the island?

Not a nasty shock as such but, the cost of living (housing in particular) took some getting used to having moved from Manchester. Of course this is offset to an extent by the favourable tax position on Guernsey.

Were there any nice surprises?

How friendly and welcoming both the local people and those that, like I, had relocated from the mainland.

What was the most noticeable difference about your new role when you first arrived?

The work is on a London/International scale, not a regional/domestic scale. The variety, complexity and value of the litigations that I was taking on were all a step up from what I was used to.

What’s the best thing about your job?

My commute is 10 minute walk so I get to combine the quality of work that I want with having a social life and a family life. Most jurisdictions force you to sacrifice one or the other.

What’s the most interesting matter you have worked on since you’ve been here?

Representing The Carlyle Group in its defence of a $1Billion litigation claim brought against it in Guernsey. This is the largest single piece of litigation to ever hit Guernsey.

What car do you currently drive?

My wife does all the driving as I live so close to the office! We have a Ford S-max to ferry the kids around.

Which is your favourite beach on the island?

Grandes Rocques beach, on the west coast of the island.

Which is your favourite restaurant or bar on the Island?

Restaurant – Red
Pub – The Swan

If you weren’t a lawyer, which other job would you like on the island?

Geeky as it may sound, there isn’t one really. I love being a lawyer and wouldn’t want to do anything else.

What’s the best advice that you would give someone considering the move offshore?

Be certain that this is the right move for you!
From a cultural perspective, living and working on a small island is very different from living and working in a city. But the work is excellent!