Work Permits and Requalification

All non-Caymanians must obtain a work permit before they can relocate to the Cayman Islands. Lawyers must possess a Commonwealth qualification and a minimum of three years’ relevant post qualification experience in a Commonwealth jurisdiction if their application is to be successful.

Fortunately, your prospective employer will take care of most of the red tape for you (and settle the eye-watering bill that it comes with). A permit takes around ten weeks to obtain and will last for 1 year. It is then re-applied for annually.

The work permits do come with a spousal clause. Spouses have the right to reside on the Cayman Islands but most obtain their own work permits. Unmarried partners have no right to reside.

A lawyer granted a work permit will be able to obtain admission to the Cayman Bar on simple application to the Grand Court. No exams are necessary.