Moving overseas is a significantly bigger decision than moving to a different employer domestically and as such requires a lot of consideration giving to the effects on your lifestyle as well as the professional implications of the move. Fortunately, the quality of life enjoyed in the Cayman Islands is almost unrivalled.

Although the demands of being a lawyer will unfortunately never allow for a 9-5 with an hour for lunch (the working day is on a par with London/Sydney) your commute will be a maximum of 20 minutes and there is in increased emphasis on enjoying your time away from the office. The Cayman Islands borrow heavily from the US culture and there is a smorgasbord of recreational activities on your doorstep. Your high earning potential that lawyers have should easily afford you a very comfortable standard of living in the Cayman Islands.

Obviously, there are too many lifestyle considerations to accurately explore all of the options available to you here, so to discuss whether your bespoke needs will be catered for please contact one of our consultants directly.

But to give you a brief overview of the lifestyle offered:

Cayman caters for all age groups as well as singles and families. There are a huge number of bars, clubs and restaurants that will cater for most tastes.

Water sports:
The Cayman Islands are a world renowned magnet for enthusiasts of water sports including:
- Scuba Diving
- Snorkelling
- Sailing
- Surfing
- Jet skiing
- Fishing
- Kayaking
- Parasailing

Non-Water Sports:
There are leagues that cater for most abilities in most land based sports such as golf, rugby, soccer and basketball to name but a few.

In short s excellent! There are two hospitals, several schools (catering for all age groups), a broad range of supermarket chains and a huge number of high end shops and markets.

Getting about:
You will need to be able to drive and you will need a car. There is very little public transport available and it is too hot to walk everywhere. Traffic is low and almost all law firms (and apartments) will have parking available as standard.

For those with children, the schools up until the age of 14 are excellent. However it is customary for older children to attend boarding school in the UK or US.

The Cayman Islands have a very high level of employment and income per capita is higher than most ‘western’ countries. As such, the crime rate is very low.